Friday, August 4, 2017

Stitching Challenge: Life is Sweet by Traci Penrod

Hi Doodlebug friends!  It's Traci and I'm back to share my project for our stitching challenge.  So I have to be honest with you ... this one was tough for me!  I have one sister and when God was handing out the sewing gene, he gave it to her.  She's a wiz with a needle and a sewing machine.  Me?  Not so much! Another fun fact about me -- when I was little and would color in coloring books, I liked to use my crayons to outline everything in the picture.  I would rarely color the pictures in, so I'm not surprised that this is the project I came up with :)
I love all of the cute 12x12 designs that Doodlebug has started doing for each collection.  This one is from the Cream & Sugar collection (5498: sweet shoppe stripe double-sided cardstock).  I used a mouse pad underneath the paper, and a paper piercer, and randomly punched holes around each of the images.  
I did one image at a time so that all of the holes on the backside of the paper wouldn't get confusing.  
I grabbed up several colors of Doodle Twine and plopped down in front of my tv.  It was actually a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.
Although I struggled to come up with my project, I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  I framed the piece and it now hangs just below my Doodlebug pin collection in my craft room.  Hopefully I've inspired those of you who also lack the "sewing gene", to find a fun piece of paper and some Doodle Twine and get stitching!  Have fun!


  1. Super cute! What a great idea to frame it and hang it like a picture! It's too cute to not be seen :)

  2. This is so cute! Fabulous idea!!'

  3. I love it! I want to do one now

  4. OMG & WOW!!! I'm in total Awe over what you did and how you did it....the look is Spectacular!! You so did one Super Outstanding Stitching job!! Your idea is Brilliant and the results is Magnificent. I've never seen anything done like this before....but sure am going to give this a try!! Loved your story definitely is super sweet and hope you wrote it on the back of your's priceless!! Thanks so much for sharing. YOU so ROCK!!

  5. What a great idea! Your project turned out fabulous!


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