Sunday, August 6, 2017

Stitch Challenge: Planner Love with Twine by Jomelle

Good Morning Doodlebug Fans! Jomelle here. Today I'm sharing my Stitch Challenge Project. This was another challenge for me because I had to think of a way to incorporate stitching using twines into my planner.

I decided to use the Bright assortment Doodle Twine. I manually add the holes by using the biggest needle I have at home and then I will thread the twines through.

Okay here we go. I wanted to try it first on the cardstock. I decided to use 2 different twine colors. Since I had to manually add the holes myself, it wasn't so easy to make the lines straight.

Here is the end product. I wanted to write something for my husband for his birthday. I punched holes on the side so I can add this note to my planner. Of course I will have him read this note on his birthday.

Here is my Monthly Layout for September.

I actually love how my stitching turned out on this layout. Since there were straight lines on the monthly, adding the holes in a straight line were easy to do.

For the blue lines next to the word September, I used a pencil first to draw in the swirl line then I added the stitching.

 The stitching project was challenging but super fun to do. I actually poke myself with the needle couple of times, but so worth it. Thank you for stopping by. Have a nice day!

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  1. I love how you stitched the twine along the calendar days!


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