Saturday, July 22, 2017

Odds & Ends Challenge: Cards by Courtney Lee

Hello everyone! This is Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with a couple of cards really showcasing the AWESOME Odds and Ends!

I chose some super fun critters and wanted all of these friends to hang out together. 

I kept my background really simple, but with texture (you'll get a close up in a minute) and did some paint splattering and embossing using a stencil and some embossing paste.

The goal of using a long and skinny card was to get as many friends on there as possible. 

I added some of the shape sprinkle leaves here and there to add some extra dimension and I popped all of my zoo animals.

I grabbed this little blue bird sticker from waaaayyy back and added it to the top of the turtle shell. It just seemed to me that the turtle wanted to carry a friend on his back.

I always say that I LOVE the details that doodlebug does. Did you notice the striping on the parrot's feathers? Also, I grabbed the happy birthday phrase from the 12x12 paper named elephant parade. I LOVE all the sentiments that get tucked in there!

Here is that close up that I promised you. It is really tough to show in photographs but it is clear embossing paste in a star pattern.

Here is my second darling card where I wanted to make kind of a totem pole of adorable zoo critters.

Okay, so here is a funny story... I got ALL the way done and stamped a sentiment on the bottom.... and my stamping came out terrible... so.... I cut out this sentiment from the 6x6 paper pad and just popped it right on top! whammo! shhhh... don't tell.

Isn't this tiger darling? I only popped the tiger here and I tucked a few of the leaves from the odds and ends pack behind him and added a matte sprinkle for some emphasis. 

Mr. Monkey, how your cross hatching on your tummy thrills me. I handed him a shape sprinkle banana because he looked hungry and the smiling banana has me smiling too!

There are SOOO many odds and ends that you get with each pack. It is an incredible value. There are 73 in this package! I hope you pick some up and make a bunch of things too!

at the zoo: elephant parade double sided cardstock (5658)
at the zoo: odds and ends (5600)
at the zoo: shape sprinkles: zoo friends (5554)
at the zoo: shape sprinkles: jungle leaves (5555)
at the zoo: matte sprinkles (5546)
at the zoo: 6x6 paper pad (5691)


  1. These are just adorable Courtney!!

  2. Wow. These cards look really creative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing the best idea.
    Emma Charlotte |

  3. OH my cuteness!! These are just amazing!!

  4. Too cute! Loving the elongated cards! :)


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