Friday, February 3, 2017

Spring Things Collection: Happy Cards by Courtney Lee

Gooood morning Doodlebug lovers!!!! Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with some of the happiest cards ever.

When I saw this collection this was my first inspiration piece. For this shaped card I cut it out of the 12x12 paper called butterfly net. It is a series of 4x6 cards shown below. I just cut out the jar and then traced around it and cut it out again of another piece of cardstock and then attached them at the top to make my shaped card. No machine necessary! 

Then it came time to decorate!!! I added some leaves and popped them from the icons sticker sheet and added some flowers from the pastel posies shaped sprinkles. Don't miss the little blue bird again and the "hello" came from the NEW mini icons sheets! LOVE.

I chose the small swiss dot for the back of the card as I loved how happy it made it when I opened it. I tied some twine on the top and added some bon bon sprinkles. I just wanted to show some of the depth you can make off of a "flat" card and how much it adds. The work was already done for me. I just added some flair!

I LOVEEEEE Doodlebug critters and I have to say... for some reason, I FELL IN LOVE WITH HOPPER!! I love that little grasshopper. I mean, look at him!!! The caterpillar came as a close second place and those little blue birds had my heart. I really wanted to highlight these friends having a conversation with their bird friends coming along. I have never wanted to hang out with some bugs so much in my life! ;)

Have you seen the acetate odds and ends that come with this collection? Both kinds of die cuts come in the package and both are showcased on the left here. That tree is acetate and the bee is a die cut. The little flowers are from the pastel posies shaped sprinkles that made me so happy!

The little hearts came in the shaped sprinkles package with the little blue birds and the sun cute clip... I mean... ahh! Love. I tucked a heart regular die cut odds and ends as well as an acetate one in there. And look at hopper again.. Isn't he darling!?

Last but definitely not least. I cut out this cute little four friends and put it to the side of my desk knowing that I wanted desperately to turn it into a card. I pulled it from the 6x6 paper pad along with the sentiment. When I put it behind the photo frame from the odds and ends and it fit perfectly then I knew I was well on my way. :) Here is the 12x12 sheet so you can see it but this is shrunk down in the 6x6 pad. I LOVE this feature and grab most of my sentiments from there!

 I also knew that I HAD to get that cutest umbrella EVER on my card as well as that cloud cute clip. The sun and cloud are from the mini icon sticker sheets. I finished it off with an oversized matte sprinkle. ca-ute. 

Here they are again. I just want to live there. I cannot wait for spring to really arrive! We had a glimpse of it here in California the last few days but alas the rain is back. It's going to be such a green, beautiful spring!

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