Friday, July 15, 2016

Kitten Smitten Collection: Purr-fect Meow Layout with Melinda

How does everyone plan their layouts? Do you literally sit at your desk and let the creative juices flow and see what happens or do you plan it all out before hand so you know exactly what it's going to look like? I'm a planner! I cannot even begin to scrapbook unless I have a little sketch of what my layout is going to look like. Mind you, I have sketches everywhere on scrap-paper, the back of shopping dockets, used envelopes, you name it... I've used it! Mostly because ideas come to me randomly and I have to get them down on paper before I forget. Sometimes I wish I could print straight from my thoughts, how cool would that be?

Here's my scribbled sketch on the back of an electricity bill envelope. I had a very clear idea on what I wanted to do with this one although I didn't know I'd hand stitch the heart until much later. Sometimes I stay true to my doodles and other times I wander off track a bit.

I always wanted the paw print to be a collage so that was the easy part and the very first thing I did after the stitching. I must be honest, I'm totally in love with the pastel colours of the Smitten Kitten collection, so much so that I found it really hard to bust open the first packet and start using product. I just didn't want part with it.

Now, can you see the little fishy bone paper clip? THAT my friends is from the latest new product 'Cute Clips' and they are the sweetest darn things ever. Also, that's our beautiful boy 'Mr Wilson' - who's getting his 15 minutes of fame.

The 'meow' die-cut title is from another new product 'Odds and Ends' which are little packets of goodness full of die-cut pieces to perfectly co-ordinate with each collection.

Loving the meow washi tape too and the wee little paw print sprinkles.

So, curiosity killed the cat... how DO you plan your layouts?
Thanks for stopping by today and viewing another project using the beautiful new Kitten Smitten collection. Even if you aren't a cat person, you've gotta love the soft palette and fun icons.


  1. Love this Melinda .... the stitching is awesome and I love the design with the small photos. Purrrrfect!

  2. Love this design!!!! You never disappoint Melinda!!

  3. This is amazing Melinda! All the details are beautiful!!!!

  4. This is fabulous Melinda and your can is gorgeous too! :)

  5. OH MY!!! This layout is exceedingly awesome and the details are spot-on amazing!!! Love the stitching!!

  6. GREAT WORK with such beautiful colors. Come join us again. We have some great prizes and some fun challenges. Love you see you again.

  7. Outstanding design! The stitching is such a wonderful detail! I LOVE the paw print too. So creative and fun!


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