Monday, July 11, 2016

Kitten Smitten Collection: Kitty Masks, Kitty Card & Kitty Calendar

Hi kitty cat lovers! Even if you are a "dog lover" you have to love this line. It is SOOOO cute. This is Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here and I cannot get enough of it! I have three projects up for you today and I cannot wait to show you so I'll get right to it! 

Kitty Masks

My daughter wanted some masks to play with so I whipped these out. Aren't they darling!?! They are wearing them everywhere! 
 They definitely had an opinion on their masks. One wanted a feather and the other didn't. I love their personalities shining through even in the smallest of things. 
 We even got a quick snapshot of our 6 month old wearing one. The older sisters like to make sure Lilibeth gets everything they get. 

doodlebug: kitten smitten: pretty kitties (5263)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: pastel posies (5171)
doodlebug: textured cardstock: beetle black (3413)

Kitten Smitten Birthday Card

My oldest is turning 4 next month and she just ADORED this line. I thought I would make her a special happy birthday card. See the awesome "Happy Birthday" sentiment?! That came from the 6x6 paper pad! I love that they have added awesome card sentiments all over the place in their lines.

How cute is this little "Stormy" kitty cat!?! It's sooo hard for me to use my doodle-pops but I am doing it! And what better way then to use it on people you love and that will go in their hope chests!? The hearts are mini doodle-pops too and that fish bone cute clip... soooo darling. 

doodlebug: kitten smitten: 6x6 paper pad (5298)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: cute clips: fishy bones (5240)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: mini doodle-pops: bitty kitties (5231)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: doodle-pops: stormy (5229)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: this and that (5250)


Last but not least is our family calendar. We are slowly filling it up so this is just the bones (get it!?! Like fish bones!?! :)) 

The title came from the Odds and Ends. Aren't they fantastic!? And I just HAD to put that enamel shape fish bowl on the top right. I love the fish bowls!!! 

 Check out these CUTE cats and that adorable enamel mouse... To. die. for. 

Here is my whole little calendar. 

doodlebug: kitten smitten: shape sprinkles: kitten smitten (5209)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: icons (5247)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: mini doodle-pops: bitty kitties (5231)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: shape sprinkles: kitten caboodle (5210)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: odds and ends (5244)
doodlebug: daily doodles: swimming pool (4932)
doodlebug: trio rub-ons: beetle black (3449)

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today!!! Grab some Kitten Smitten and be smitten yourself! :) 


  1. Wow, so many fabulous projects!! Can't pick a favorite, they are all awesome!!

  2. I love the diversity of the projects you showcased today! It really speaks to how versatile this collection is. Those masks are the cutest! Thanks for sharing the adorable pics of your sweet girls wearing them :)

  3. All of your projects are so sweet, Courtney! I love the kitty masks!!!!

  4. Such a fun set of projects! Your girls wearing the masks made me smile and that last one of Lilibeth is ADORABLE!

  5. What amazingly adorable ways you have shared with us to use this collection!!! Courtney - these are all such GENIUS ideas - such inspiration in this post!!


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