Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Puppy Love Collection: Pawsatively Perfect Planner Love

Hi Doodlebug friends! This week I get to share with you a planner layout using my favorite new collection, Puppy Love. I have always been a dog lover (even though I tried really hard to like cats... it just didn't happen). Our current puppy love, Jake, has been with us for just over a year. He's a red shorthair dachshund and has made my life so much richer. Days were hard when he came to live with us and he's seen me through some dark days and made my whole life seem brighter.

Even though he's still not house trained. Dachshunds are incredibly stubborn. Just like me.


A look at just the layout:


I couldn't do a very puppy oriented spread without including a picture of littel Jake. That photo was taken on the day he got some shots and he was so tired he just collapsed on a pile of laundry. Made me smile.

And here are some details of all the adorable Doodlebug products I used on this project:





And that's my project. Love putting it all together! Hope you enjoyed the peek into my planner today. Kim


  1. I love your planner posts! You add so many wonderful details and fun touches to your pages. The colors, prints and images in this collection really make your pages cheerful and fun. 'Pawsatively' awesome!;)


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