Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Sometimes you come up with an idea that strikes your fancy and you just need to run with it. Sometimes it all works out nicely and sometimes you end up in "really bad date" territory (if you know what I mean).


When the Home Sweet Home Mini Album showed up on my crafty table, I immediately thought of my Christmas village. All I could imagine was putting the pieces together to create a little 3D gingerbread house with the new Gingerbread Kisses collection. Now, while this product isn't intended for this, I decided to take a risk and give it a go. We all need to experiment a little with our crafts, right?! So I covered 4 of the album pages with paper from Gingerbread Kisses and then got out the glue gun. Each side was glued to the next at a 90 degree angle. I added some Doodle Twine in the corners just to finish things off. I then also trimmed the "roof" section off of three of sides. While I did try angling in the tops, I felt this looked better with the little tree that I planned on putting inside.


Then the fun really started. I took the 5th side which was the page in the mini album that had the cutouts for windows and doors. I covered this one with paper as well and then lined it up with one of the other pages, placing it on top temporarily so I could see where the windows would be. I covered each window with acetate and then placed a die cut from the Odds and Ends pack behind each of the top ones. I decided to add some mini lights, so I ran these around the windows on the backside of the album page. I then used some foam adhesive to permanently attach the album pages together.


Then came time for a few more embellishments. I used more of the die cuts to decorate the front with some gingerbread friends and the sides with a small little scene.


I slipped my plant in side, and voila - from mini-album to "plant sleeve" (someone really needs to come up with a better name for it than that for me because that alone does not make this project seem like a good idea). While I love a beautiful mini-album (and the team has show off a bunch), don't be afraid to try something a little out of the box (no pun intended). Thanks for stopping by! Hugs,



Home Sweet Home Chipboard Mini Album
Gingerbread Kisses collection
Doodle Twine


Pom poms
Mini LED lights

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