Tuesday, February 21, 2023


Sometimes, a paper collection comes along that makes you want to squeal because of all the cuteness. Let's just say that when the new Over the Rainbow collection arrived at my home, you could probably hear me squealing all the way in the US! This new collection is absolutely delightful. And I couldn't wait to get started making projects.

The first thing I decided to do was make some cards so I could share the delightfulness! Out came the Gnome Sweet Gnome stamps and the coordinating Cards & Envelopes and I got to work.

This stamp set is amazing because you can create all sorts of scenes with the characters. I did a little bit of masking here to experiment with the gnome character holding the flower and having the cloud and second flower appear to be behind other shapes.

And because this little gnome was as cute as she could be, I did some more masking here to add the rainbow and flowers with her.

But as you can see, switch up the additional shapes and you have a completely different scene. This is the same gnome from the first card, just placed with other objects. Oh, and because Doodlebug includes some cute eye/mouth stamps in the set, you can turn any of the objects into Doodlebug characters of their own. This is the same cloud stamp from the other two cards - just with a little personality of his own!

This collection is as versatile as they come. Put that together with the overall cuteness factor and you have a collection here that you will be wanting to craft with all year. Let's just say that it hasn't left my crafty table since it arrived! What does that mean? More cuteness to come! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs,



Over the Rainbow Collection
Over the Rainbow - Bits & Pieces
Cards & Envelopes
Gnome Sweet Gnome stamps



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