Friday, February 17, 2023


Hi crafty crew! It's my first ever Doodlebug Design DT post with a fun tutorial! Thank you for popping by! As love is still in the air in February let's create something so cute using the Lots of Love Collection, although you could adapt to any Doodlebug collection :-) All you'll need to start is a 12x12 sheet of Doodlebug Design cardstock and any ephemera you'd like to add! 

Firstly, I've selected a gingham-linen Petite Prints cardstock print and measured 3.5" wide x 10" strip. This will be your post bag piece. The other pieces you'd need are straps that are 3/4" wide x 6" (x2 pieces). For the side gussets of the post bag you'll need x2 of 2 1/8" x 4" (x2 pieces) as below.

For the bag, turn length wise so 10" is across on your scoreboard. Score at 2.5" (front of bag once opened), 3 1/4" bottom of bag), 7" (back of bag), 7 1/4" (top of bag) and then you are left with remainder of piece that is your front flap of bag.

Set aside. Next for your side gussets, length wise you'll score at 1/2 intervals. Set aside. Next, I've stitched each panel or piece for extra texture and dimension but this is an option only, it'll still be just as cute without it!

Adhere all pieces with liquid adhesive, I like to use tacky glue and hold down for a few seconds to secure before I move onto the next piece to adhere.

If you'd like to add extra elements like I have, do these before adhering the gussets and straps. For example I added a pocket by directly using my sewing machine to stitch in the pocket!

Once every piece is assembled, adhered in place add velcro dots so you can have a closure. Now you can have fun decorating!  I used lots of goodies from the Odds & Ends and Icon Stickers to decorate my bag!

Remember to keep this post handy because you'll want to make these super cute bags over and over again plus you could adjust the measurements to your specific needs and theme :-) Endless possibilities my friends!

Thanks for stopping by crafty crew! Until next time, doodle-dee!


Lots of Love Collection


heart charm
Velcro dots


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