Thursday, December 1, 2022


It's almost Christmas time guys and it's time to start looking for little gifts... If you are creating some of your presents yourself or want to present your gifts in a super cute way, I have an idea for you. I decorated fun little boxes with the adorable new Hello Santa Doodle Cuts from the Candy Cane Lane collection.

Like I said, in previous posts, I just love the new stand-alone Doodle Cuts. With these Hello Santa ones, you can create a little Santa in each and every color you want!

To start, I selected my papers. I didn't want to only create red Santas, so I also chose the Much Love cardstock with the pink heart pattern as well as the Plaid it's Christmas Cardstock.

Since I also wanted to change up his face a bit, I cut out the face, using the corresponding die, only once and for the other ones, I just traced the outlines, so that I could draw on my face later. 

For the shoes, belt and mittens, I used black and brown cardstock and for the belt buckle, I used gold glitter paper. When I paper pieced everything together, I also changed up the arms. For the red Santa, I cut both of them off and adhered them with the arms looking down. For the pink one, I adhered one of the arms a bit lower. 

As you can see from my three characters, even if you only have one die set, you can create a lot of different looks... :)

After adding details, like cheeks, eyes, mouth, white highlights and scribbly lines on the white parts, I adhered my Santas on two circles,  one regular, one scalloped. Then I adhered them to a rectangle, that fit the cover of my box.  I added a zig zag stitch to my rectangles.

I decorated the boxes a bit more, using die cut pieces from the Chit Chat and Odds & Ends packs along with some mini jewels.

I also adhered three Odds & Ends to wood clips and added those to my designs.

To make the box even more fun, I created tassels, with paper beads, that I made myself, and plastic beads.  I really love the little boxes and can't wait to gift them to someone.

...Not with the things on this photo though... those are mine... :) Hahahaaa.. I hope you enjoyed this little idea and are ready to start crafting. I wish you a wonderful week...



Candy Cane Lane collection
Hello Santa Doodle Cuts

Textured Cardstock

Mini Clothespins

NEW Alphabet Soup puffy stickers

My Type alpha stickers

Sunshine alpha stickers

Abigail alpha stickers


Gold glitter paper


Embroidery Thread

Kraft boxes


  1. I'm in love with the little Santa and the his different outfits!!!!

  2. Those Santas are so cute. Love all the different colors.

  3. These are so cute and creative! Love them!!

  4. These are adorable
    and will be so fun
    to receive!
    Carla from Arizona


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