Wednesday, September 8, 2021


There is nothing more rewarding that to watch little ones discover their creativity.  My niece loves to draw and doodle, especially when she can get a hold of my supplies. The Cute & Crafty collection is perfect to document those memories in  a fun colorful way.

I started with the  Cute & Crafty paper for the base of my page.  Then added a piece of  Colorful Canvas at the center of the base.  Finally, I added a 5" strip of white cardstock to serve as the anchor for the page.

I used the 6x6 paper pad to back the pictures, and then set them on the center of the page. The fun was embellishing the page with all the Odds and Ends pieces and stickers.

I just used the line of  the cardstock to add all my embellishments on a row.   The new Bits and Pieces are a just perfect to add a journaling spot to the page while helping add more interest to it.

For my title, I dove into the Chit Chat pack for a few of the last pieces.  Then just added a few sprinkles around the page.

I love how this turned out, and how easy it came together. Now, it is time to clean the desk, and get ready for the next Doodlebug collection.  'til next time ...

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Cute & Crafty collection
Cute & Crafty Bits and Pieces
Cute & Crafty Sprinkles

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