Friday, September 10, 2021


Other than creating layouts and mini albums, I LOVE making tassels to hang on my creations. For today's post, I made super cute charm tassels with paper beads and Doodle-Pops. 

I have been on vacation the last two weeks. When I came back, some packages had arrived and they contained clasps and chain links in a lot of different colors. I went through my Cute & Crafty collection and thought it would be fun, using the Doodle-Pops, combined with my new things, to create super adorable tassels. 

To start I chose all the things I would need to make three tassels in different colors. I gathered the clasps, chain links, rings, Doodle-Pops, Doodle Twine, Jewels and patterned papers in three different colors: pink, blue and yellow. 
Then I started assembling everything.

I created the paper beads myself, using the 6x6 patterned papers. To do that, I cut super thin and long triangles, a bit like stripes of paper, but in a triangular shape. Then I rolled them up, starting at the wide end. Done! It's that easy :) I made 15 beads, 5 for each tassel.

For the yellow and pink embellishment, I created fluffy tassels, using the Doodlebug Chunky Twine. For the blue one, I used a piece of ribbon with polka dots, included in the Sweet Shoppe Assortment (tutti fruitti). 

I also made tiny tassels out of paper to attach to the colored chain links and I adhered two big jewels to the white chain links. To attach the Doodle Pop, I adhered it to a piece of patterned paper, created a loop on top by punching a small hole and cut the sticker out, leaving a border.

I love how they turned out!!! I attached the pink one to my Doodlebug traveler's notebook and it looks adorable. You can use these to put on your mini albums, cards or just as a gift. 

Hope you like the idea and are inspired to make some too.  See you soon... :)

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Doodlebug Products Used
Cute & Crafty Collection
Chunky Doodle Twine
Mini Jewels
Petite Prints Dot Stripe 6x6 Pad
Sweet Shoppe Assortment: tutti fruitti

chain links


  1. Super cute...where did you get the chain and clasps from

  2. YES!!! Please let me know where you bought the plastic chains, clasps, etc. PLEASE!!!!


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