Wednesday, November 27, 2019


I must confess that I have made quite a few of these adorable, adorable "Snow Globe Treat Jars" over the last couple of years.  After receiving the collection of "Christmas Magic" Collection, I knew that I must make another!
You may choose to use any-sized jar really.  For mine today, I have a one gallon apothecary jar that I found at Wal-Mart.  They're very inexpensive and can be used for all types of displays.

First, I placed a strange of battery operated (white line) mini lights and added flaky snow as I wound the lights inside.

After creating the nice mound of snow, I added a handmade gingerbread house using the 6X6 paper pad, white glitter cardstock for the roof and other fun components from the collection! All sides of the little house were embellished.  One may decide to add a battery-operated tea-light (some have timers, which is very handy!) if the windows are cut-out.

I placed the Doodle-Pop snowman onto a trimmed paper straw and gently poked him down in to the snow.  For the trees, I cut two various-sized "cones" and then added a few Sprinkles.

To the top of the jar I added a fun and whimsical bow and embellished the center with one of the die-cut tags and a mini clip decorated with a heart sticker.  The ideas are literally ENDLESS when you have so much Doodlebug yummy to pick from:)

If you don't have a die to create your own gingerbread house, simply use a box and then create a tent style top for the roof.  There are also many pre-made houses on the market that are very easy to cover as desired.  These look so cute in various sizes all lined up on a table top or shelf...have fun!

Thank you for joining me today!

Doodlebug Design Product:
Christmas Magic Collection
Cupcake Chunky Twine
Doodle Pops
Mini Clothespins
Lily White Sugar Coated Cardstock


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