Tuesday, November 19, 2019


I love the size of my Micro Planner! I created it with the adorable Christmas Magic collection. My previous blog post shows how I designed the cover and the inserts. Today, I'm sharing how I made it chunky! I love the feel of a full planner and this one definitely doesn't disappoint.

The beauty of creating my own Micro planner is that I can choose exactly what I want to have in it. The Christmas Magic collection has so many adorable elements that it was hard to narrow down what I wanted to use! But, I did and I love how it looks. I'll be carrying this one with me throughout December. My goal is to make it my Christmas/Gratitude notebook. I want to keep track of things I'll need for the holidays, but also journal a bit about the true reason for the season each day. 

Here is a little fold out page with a picture of my son. Keeping his photo with me in my planner is only natural since he's the one I want to keep front and center during this holiday season. I started off my adding the gingerbread house die cut to the left of the page. Then, I cut a piece of patterned paper, folded it in half and punched the left hand sand. I added a tag and some washi along with a chit chat to the front. 
The inside of the page holds the picture and and a little tag that I embellished. 
The next page I added is a shaker page. I knew I wanted to have some sequins in my little planner and this was a fun way of doing it. I took a page protector and trimmed it to 3 by 5. I slide in the tag and sequins then added the strip of paper to the left side. I stitched down the paper and plastic to seal the pocket. Then, I punched the paper and added it to my little notebook. I love how cute that gingerbread man is!

I decided to use the cute number squares paper to decorate the pages of my planner. The ones from the 6 by 6 paper pad are the perfect size for these 3 by 4 pages. I decorated each page in a similar fashion.

Each page is trimmed with washi, has a stickers and the number square. I used the house washi on this page along with the the wreath and gift stickers.

I love how the candy cane striped washi looks on this page. I used two layered ornament stickers on the left page and like how that turned out!

This page has the Christmas tree washi and some more cute stickers. I used the Mini Icon ones on these pages as the size was just right!

The next insert page I added to my Micro Planner is a receipt pocket. This is the perfect place to hide my receipts! I used one of the cards from the Christmas Card pack. It was 4" tall so I trimmed it down to 3" wide. I added some Teensy Type stickers to the tab, stitched the one side shut and added the tag and stickers. The washi trim on the bottom made a perfect finishing touch.

My final insert is a pocket page that I designed. I love having pockets in my planner and this one turned out so cute. I cut a poece paper to 4 by 5.75 inches. I folded it almost in half, leaving the edge that I could hole punch. I opened it back up and trimmed the triangular piece off, creating a pocket. Then, I took the piece I cut and added it to the bottom, which made the second part of the pocket. I lightly tacked down the edges to hold it in place and stitched along the side and bottom. I added the die cuts and cute clip. 

I added a tag into the top part of the pocket. I love having blank tags in my planner.  You never know when you are going to need one!
As you can see, my little Micro Planner is ready to go. I am so excited to use it for December and can't wait to fill it up with happy thoughts and memories.  Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek!

Doodlebug Supplies:
Christmas Magic Collection
Bubblegum Teensy Type

Other Supplies:
Planner Discs
Planner Punch


  1. Beautiful planner!
    Have a great day “
    Marilyn ❤️

  2. Wow, I love that project! It's adorable and all of the details are great. Love the shaker page!

  3. This is the cutest love the pockets and how you used the candy cane washi!!

  4. Gosh. So amazing, EVERYTHING about it. U r so gifted! (Thankyou so much for sharing)


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