Monday, September 2, 2019


Well school has finally started here in Massachusetts.  I have so many friends that are teachers, they  are all back full swing, meeting their new students and waking up so early!! I was thinking of them when I created this cute little perpetual calendar.  I though it would be fun to put on their desks, and change up each day.  Take a peek...

The calendar base is actually a side step card I modified to look like a chalkboard.  You can download the card base with easel Silhouette file from my blog here.   I added a bunch of the icons from the Odds & Ends and the School Supplies Shaped Sprinkles to the right "steps", and then went to work on the calendar.

For the months I cut 1/2" strips of the graph side of the Spelling Bee Paper and added Teensy Type Letters in various colors.  They attach to the card base using 3/8" Velcro circles.   For the dates I cut 3/4" x 1 1/2" pieces of the loose leaf paper side of the School Days Paper and added Skinny Type letters in Blue Jean.  They clip to the calendar using a mini clothespin which I glued on using glossy accents for extra strength.

To hold all of the month and number pieces I added a little pocket to the back of the card base.  I thought this would be a great way to brighten a teacher's day!  Have you created anything using the School Days Collection?  Be sure to tag Doodlebug Design on Facebook & Instagram, we would love to see your creations!

That's all for me today, thanks for stopping by to peek!

School Days - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - School Days
School Days - 6 x 6 Paper Pad
School Days - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Spelling Bee
School Days - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Arithmetic
School Days - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Playground Plaid
School Days - Odds & Ends
School Days - Sprinkles - School Supplies
Petite Prints Collection - 6 x 6 Paper Pad - Gingham and Linen
ladybug mini clothespins
lily white mini paperclips
blue jean skinny CS stickers
bumblebee teensy type CS stickers
limeade teensy type CS stickers
swimming pool teensy type CS stickers
ladybug teensy type CS stickers
bon bon teensy type CS stickers
blue jean teensy type CS stickers
tangerine teensy type CS stickers

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