Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Pocket Letters, Pen Pals and Snail Mail are all the rage!  Today I'm sharing a fun take on a pocket letter that's made from cardstock and patterned papers vs. plastic sleeves.  Let's take a look:
To begin I started with a 12X12 sheet of Maraschino Cardstock and scored as follows:
3.25" and 8.75"; turn paper 90 degrees and repeat. 
Next, I cut the 3.25" and 8.75" scored lines down to the adjoining score line below it.  
I chose to corner-round the edges and then cover the panels with various patterned papers.
On the largest, center panel I added one of the  5"X5" cards and trimmed the inner flap to make a pocket:
The little card pocket is a nice place to add larger items such as tags, doilies, die-cuts, stickers, etc.
On the left-hand side I created another pocket and tucked in a collection of die-cuts.  On the lower panel I attached a sampler of enamel shapes.

On the right side panels I attached jelly clips by making bands of paper that were attached with strong adhesive tape.  The clips were inserted through the loops and to the last loop, a strand of mini clips were tied on.
For the bottom panel I attached two bobbins with samplers of washi tapes!  The bobbins were held in place with large brads.
Now that the inside is complete, it's time to finish the outside! The flaps were folded neatly into the square shape.  A band of patterned paper (approximately 3"X 12") was wrapped around the folded packet and then a piece of strong adhesive added to hold the ends together.  
Lastly, the front was decorated with a square of paper , stickers and then addressed to the pen pal!

Thank you for joining me today in sharing one of my favorite projects to make!

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