Sunday, September 8, 2019


Do you want to learn an easy way to use the odds & ends pieces in your Daily Doodles TN and make it look really cute and functional at the same time? Why not layer the pieces and use washi tape to attach them to your pages. By using washi tape, you will be able to lift and open the odds & ends pieces and you will also be able to journal behind them.
 It was so much fun choosing the pieces I wanted to use. Layering them was even more fun. I used the "on the road" washi to attach them to the page.
 You can see here that I am able to lift the part open.
 I can now journal behind this piece. I also used stamps to add a little bit more detail in my layout.
 Wouldn't it be fun to lift open all these odds & ends pieces and be able to find your journal of memory keeping behind them? You can also add stickers behind the odds & ends pieces for more decor and it will make it interesting when you flip them open.
August,which is my birthday month, combine with the travel theme equals perfection. As you may know, travel is my jam. Being able to decorate my monthly layout with the travel theme is a bonus for me.
 Happy 40th Birthday to me. I am hoping to document my birthday celebrations in my Daily Doodles TN. We are hoping to go on a mini road trip to Lake Tahoe on my birthday weekend. Stay tuned and keep an eye out on my Instagram account with the completed layout.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will try my little trick in using the odds & ends pieces in your Daily Doodles TN. Have a great day.

  I heart travel odds & ends I heart travel "on the road" washi tape I heart travel "going places" wasit tape I heart travel mini icons stickers I heart travel "this and that" stickers I heart travel stamps beetle black teensy type stickers

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