Saturday, October 13, 2018

Pumpkin Party Candy Bar Sliders | with Karen

Okay here's the thing. I know that Halloween is not everyone's cup of tea, but I have one word for you - candy! Now, you may not like all the creepy, goriness of Halloween, but when you take a Doodlebug approach and wrap up some of the most delicious treats you can think of in the most delicious papers and paper products you can think of, crafting for Halloween is going to be one of your favourite times of the year! Because seriously, does it get any cuter than this new Pumpkin Party collection from Doodlebug? These are one of my favourite projects to craft - candy bar (or "chocolate bars" as we call them in Canada) sliders. Wrap some amazing paper around your favourite candy or chocolate, add a ribbon to hold it in place, and voila - the most adorable treat you could give away! The treat slips right out and could even be slipped back in to the packaging you create...although I find that once it is pulled out, it is usually quickly untied and devoured!
For these sliders, I decided to use the darling Spooky Sweets pattered paper from the 12x12 collection for the background (it seemed fitting for the theme of this project, although I did consider hoarding this particular pattern because it is sooooo cute). On top of that, I matted the reverse side of the paper on black and white, and then topped it with a cute pumpkin from the Odds and Ends pack, and a cute sentiment that I cut out of a piece of paper in the 6x6 paper pack.
In behind the matted sentiment, I added a green mini doily and attached a couple of cute mini clothespins to the top. These two little details just add a bit more dimension to the project.
Add a little Beetle Black jewel for a little sparkle, and you are all set! I love crafting for Christmas, but this new collection makes me want Halloween to hang on just a little bit longer! It really is so much fun to work with. So, if you love Halloween for it's treats as much as I do, go treat yourself to this great new collection and a little bit of candy or chocolate to make a special surprise that you will love giving away (or eating)!
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  1. These candy holders are adorable!! Love all the little details!

  2. The bottom looks open-I don’t undersatand what’s holding the candy in. Super duper cute though.

    1. I think the ribbon is tied around the bottom of the candy bar so that it what is holding it up


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