Tuesday, July 17, 2018

She Believed She Could Layout | with Virginia

Recording a special moment and then scrapbooking it the next day is a win-win in my books!  It doesn't happen too often for me and it's not like I put the pressure on myself to do so but when it happens I will certainly seize the opportunity!

This page was inspired by a couple of things. Firstly, by this sticker from the Hello collection, the title sentiment was perfect for my photo. Secondly, I had an idea to recycle planner pages.

With the strong pink title as the anchor point, I created a visual triangle of the same colour with the doilies.  Taking note of the soft coral and green colours in the photo I used some smaller pattern papers from the Hello collection along with gold/yellow ephemera to tie everything together.
I purchased a planner for it's pretty floral look but then later realized the spiral binding in the middle was too large as it kept getting in the way as I was writing.  Lesson learned and I purchased a 2nd (much more functional) planner.  I didn't want to toss away my first planner thinking the pages could be used to highlight the actual date of my page.

I used the entire planner page as a photo backdrop and then placed a triangle sticker and some enamel dots to highlight the actual day.

Love how cute these shaped sprinkles for that extra shine!

Thanks for dropping by the blog today, have a wonderful day!

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  1. This is beautiful!!! I love how you used the sticker for your title!!


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