Saturday, July 28, 2018

August Planner Pages using Hello | with Jomelle

 August is my Birthday Month and I will be visiting the Doodlebug Headquarter in Salt Lake City for Suzy West Designs' Let's Get Creative Doodlebug Design. I am super excited for this trip with a couple of my planner besties. So, I wanted to create my Dashboard for the month of August and what's more perfect than the suitcase as the prime focus?
 I knew I wanted to make a suitcase but I didn't know how to incorporate it in my planner. I was actually having a mental block and it took me some time to figure it out. 
I finally decided to use the suitcase and create a dashboard. I kept changing my mind in choosing the perfect background. I switched back and forth with the white paper with small blue polka dots or the yellow bows. I went with the yellow bows since I like the contrast with the dark blue.
I didn't want the suitcase to be permanently glued to this dashboard so I used a washi tape to adhere it, that way I can remove it and use it as a page marker later on. 
I didn't want to stop there. I am on a roll. It's been a while since I made a shaker dashboard. It was fun making this but very tedious at the same time. I had to use a tweezer to put the sequins inside the plastic. It was such a hard work but oh so worth it.
 I used the same pattern paper for the background in each of the squares and then I cut up one of the paper from the 6x6 paper pad which has these rectangle pieces.

 The sequins I used are all from Doodlebug. They come in these very cute containers and you may think there's not a lot of sequins inside, think again. Do you like to use sequins in your project?
Thank you stopping by and I hope I was able to inspire you in creating your own dashboard or shaker dashboard. In the meantime, I will be counting the days until I visit the Doodlebug Headquarter.


  1. That shaker dashboard is amazing!!!

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