Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hello Greeting Card Set | with Karen

I have to admit that I am not very good at making decisions. In fact, I often have a hard time planning ahead when I craft because I find it hard to commit to one idea. Sometimes my lack of planning results in a "go with the flow" result that is rather pleasing. Other times, know where I am going with this. So today, I thought I would share a bit of an experiment with you! I took one idea I had for using a cut file from the amazing Hello collection (the planning part) and then just played around with it to see what kind of result I could end up. And what was the result? Well, see for yourself!   I created a set of three A2 greeting cards ready for any occasion I might have coming up! Can we just all take a moment to admire this amazing collection again. Hello; definitely has my heart! Anyway, I digress. The idea for these projects was to create the text file "hello" in white and then surround it with a white a rectangle.

From there, it was all about playing with some sizes and embellishments. High contrast, lower contrast, big, little...a bit of planning without the commitment! This first card also used the Hello-Flowers 2 cut file backed with my favourite prints from this collection (Beautiful Blossoms and Hello There)! With a little help from some amazing Hearts of Gold Shape Sprinkles, this card was an early favourite in this experiment! But then there was this next one. I decided to shrink the cut file for this one, and play with a few of the die cuts from the Odds and Ends collections. Feathers with gold foil for the win?! Yup - this one was a winner in my books too! And last, but not least was my subtle/not subtle card created with bigger text but a more subdued colour palate. I have to admit that this one was my least favourite, until I added this trio of hearts and the mini paper clips to balance them on the opposite side. Ahhhh - pastel prettiness! So there you have it. My little experiment with a little bit of commitment. One cut file with a few different options. How would you change it up?

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