Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Down On The Farm | Card Trio by Karen

You know, sometimes I have to admit that I have favourites. I know it's not right, but if I am being honest, I can't help myself. And the truth is that this new Down on the Farm collection is already on the top of my list. I mean really, does it get cuter than this?
 I was given the task of putting together a card set to showcase this collection - I know, tough job, right? So immediately set to work putting all the cute Odds and Ends die cuts out on the table together with the clever chit Chat sentiments.
Why start here? Well, the truth is that when I am making cards, the Odds and Ends packs are always my favourite go-to! There are always so many cute shapes and characters to work with, and more than enough to create cute scene after cute scene!
And now that I can pair them up with the awesome Chit Chat sentiments, card making has never been so fun!
 And this collection in particular is about as cute as it gets! From big die cuts like barns, farm houses, animals, and background features (there is a mud puddle!!!!)...
 ...to the cutest little cuts like these flies...
 ...and the best little worm ever! Add these to any card and your recipient will be smiling at all the details for days!
 And since we are talking favourites, I have to admit that I am a sucker for a great interactive card! And when I saw this denim jean pocket paper and the bandanna paper in the 12x12 collection, I knew exactly what needed to happen!
 That's right, the bandanna pulls out for a little hidden message. And while I chose to add some more pieces from the Chit Chat pack, a personal sentiment here would also work really well!
 Oh, and as for my favourite part on this little card - it's the little heart tag on the side of the pocket. Doodlebug knows how to get the details right! So, just between you and me, while I promise to love and cherish all my collections, Down on the Farm is going to be getting some serious extra love on my crafty table. Because, yup - it's a new favourite! I bet it will be one of yours too! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Karen

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