Thursday, March 8, 2018

Abigail Font Stickers: Planner Pocket with Anabelle

I love creating fun things to use in my planners. There are lots of creative things to do with paper, stickers and washi and figuring out new uses for them really sparks my creativity. One of the fun new products, the Abigail stickers, served as the focus for a project that I recently created. I made a pocket for my Pocket sized traveler's notebook.  Here is how it turned out.

I started by cutting a piece of patterned paper to 12 by 5.5" Then I folded the sides into the middle.

Next, I folded the corner flaps down. This creates a fold so that I know where to cut.
After that, I cut about half an inch off the center part of the folded sides. This made the pockets a but smaller and better able to be folded and placed in the middle of my inserts.
Finally, I stitched the open side and bottom to create the pocket. And I cut off the top flap.
Here is how the pocket looked once I finished embellishing it and placed it into my planner. 
I added a mini doily to each pocket and added the Abigail stickers to spell 'this' and 'that'. The pockets can hold extra stickers, little note cards or other odds and ends that I want to keep in my planner.

I added the Doodlepop cake and some stickers for extra embellishment.

The Abigail stickers are great to use on planner pages, too. Here, I used them for the dates and to create my To Do list. And the periods were the perfect things to use for 'bullets' for my listing. I added a few extra stickers and my page is complete.
As you can see, the Abigail stickers are great for using in even the smallest of planners. I hope this gave you a few ideas of how you might use them.

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