Friday, February 2, 2018

So Punny | Planner Pages & Process Video with Jennie

If you know anything about me and my planning style - I really need my main planner to be functional. I *need* it to keep me on track and to jot down my to-dos, or none of it happens.
So, I wanted to try taking some super cute So Punny and alphabet stickers and have them be completely functional.  I mean, lets be honest, they are going to be pretty cute, too.

Here's an example of combining the decorative stickers with function.  I add my dinner plans across the bottom - so I used the Bubblegum Teensy Type stickers to spell out dinner.  Same effect as using an already printed sticker, yet cuter!


Speaking of decorative, I just cannot quit using these mini doilies - I am obsessed with them and want to put them on EVERY THING.  Seriously, they are so cute and are the perfect size for the planner!


Now, there are bits and pieces I need to include - like a day off from school! So, why not take a decorative sticker (that typewriter!) and then layer it with the Teensy Type stickers.  Voila!  No school has never looked so good! (And the So Punny mini Icon stickers are perfect for that.)


Would you like to see how the whole layout came together? 
You can see my process video right here!

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you enjoyed how I made my planner so cute while staying right on track!

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