Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Chit Chat Focus | So Punny layout by Virginia

Open a package of So Punny Chit Chats and after reading a few puns you are sure to have a chuckle or two.  Pair the Chit Chat puns with Odds & Ends icons and you will have some irresistibly cute embellishment clusters!
On my page these Chit Chat clusters were perfect to surround the photo of this cute little toddler and her stuffies.  They are her best friends and she has a special endearing relationship with each of them.  As I read through the puns, I find myself getting that baby-talk twang (LOL), I love that they bring a smile to my heart!
I used the mini (cupcake) doilies for a consistent foundation and texture for my embellishment clusters.  Where possible I used the adorable shape sprinkles along with the same die cut icons to add that little extra sparkle to the clusters.  I chose not to use a large title for the layout as I felt the journaling along with the clusters together got the message across.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, I hope you have a 'beary' wonderful day!


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  1. This is the sweetest layout!! Love the little clusters on the doilies!!!!


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