Monday, February 19, 2018

Chit Chat Focus | Cards with Kathy

I just love how easy card making has become now that we have the Chit Chat pieces!  Along with the Odds & Ends, they have made it SO easy to put together an awesome card!  I decided to make a few interactive cards focusing on the Chit Chat pieces from the So Punny collection.  Take a peek...

I had such a fun time with these cards!  The first card is a slider card.  I cut a slot in the toaster piece so that the pop tart could "pop out" when the slider tab is pulled.  All I needed to complete the card is the adorable chit chat sentiment!  

My next card is also a type of slider card.  I started with the base of this cut file, and then added the fun typewriter from the Odds & Ends and the two sentiments from the Chit Chat Pieces.  The great thing about the Chit Chat speech bubbles is that if you like, you can cut off the "tail" and just have the sentiment !  I did that with the heart "just my type" piece.  All you do is pull the tag piece of the card and the Chit Chat Sentiment is revealed!

For my last card I used some Action Wobble Mini Springs to make the olives like little bobble heads!  When you tap them they wobble!

All I needed to complete the card is the "olive you" Chit Chat speech bubble and I also added some of the little Chit Chat hearts as well.  
Since seeing the cards in action is much more fun than still pictures, I put together this fun little video showing the cards in action.

That's it for me today, thanks for stopping by to peek!


  1. I totally love the interactive cards, they are absolutely AWESOME!

  2. What fun ideas! You had me at a popping pop tart, but they're all wonderful! :)

  3. I'm in love 😍😍😍!!! They are beautiful 😍!!!


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