Wednesday, January 24, 2018

So Punny | Planner Pages with Anabelle

The new So Punny collection is absolutely adorable. I had so much fun creating this planner spread  and making some fun embellishments to go along with it. I started off by making a sweet dashboard and filled the pockets with some of the little characters from the set. The gnomes, toast and toaster and soda friends are some of my favorites so I wanted to be sure to include them. I also absolutely love the bacon and egg so I decided that I would make some clips from the Doodle Pops.


To create my weekly planner spread, I started with the takeout box/rice bowl washi and added it along the top. I used the heart sprinkle washi along the bottom. Then, I created faux washi using the plaid paper. It's one of my favorite patterns. All I did was cut 1/4 inch strips and adhered them to my inserts. Glue sticks work well for this.

I love having pockets on my spreads, so I created one with the pink striped bag. I added a piece of paper to write notes on and attached a washi pull tab to it. Then I embellished it with those adorable die cuts. Stickers finished off the pages. I just love creating paper clips, so I used the Doodle Pops again here. I decided to finish off my planner with a cute tassel. The chunky twine was the perfect thing to use. I added a couple of heart stickers and it matches perfectly with my spread.

Here is a tutorial on how to make your own. First, decide how long you want your tassel. I wanted a large one. You will be wrapping the twine around something, so choose something that is twice as long as you want it to be. I used a book. Wrap it around at least 10 times.

Once that is done, carefully slide it off. Take a length of twine and tie a loop at the top leaving the bottom tail strings long enough to wrap around the twine you just wrapped. I actually used three strands and braided the top part, but you don't need to do that. Fold the wrapped twine in half, at this tie. Next, cut the loops so the strings all hang free.

Now, tie another piece of twine near the top. You can wrap it around as many times as you like.

Tuck the end under with your scissors.

 Finally, trim the edge of the tassel. And then you're done!

 I hope you enjoyed seeing my spread this week. Have fun creating tassels for your planner, too!


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  1. I adore those little clips made from the doodle pops and that tassel is fabulous!


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