Friday, January 12, 2018

Cream & Sugar | Traveller's Notebook with Jennie + Video Tutorial

Hey, there!  Jennie here and I am so excited to share with you how I have set up my single travelers notebook using Doodlebug Designs Cream + Sugar collection.  I love the colors (oh so cute!) and the images (even cuter!) and it's the perfect way to create a cheerful planning space.
I am trying out a single pocket size Travelers Notebook for my main creative planner. I like to plan my memory planning in here and then keep some other fun items in here, as well.  I thought I'd try a single and see how I liked it.
Where to begin with all that cute?!  How about with the dashboards?  They are inspiring and I think that is key.  Having something that makes you smile and want to open up your planner and that keeps you on track!
This clear dashboard is durable yet cute thanks to the die cuts!  It definitely makes me want to flip through and see more!
How about that cluster of die cuts and stickers on soft vellum?  It allows for decoration and distinction in a less harsh way.
Die cuts are, of course, the star of the show!  Change them out on top based on your mood or what's going on. But, of course, dashboards aren't the only thing here.  We've got clips and cute storage solutions, too.
Want to see how all of this came together?
Check out my video sharing the set up and flip through of my functional + creative travellers notebook!


  1. This is so full of fabulous ideas!!! I love the clear dashboards idea, and those clips are adorable!!!

  2. The die cuts are so cute!!!!! I love each and every one.


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