Friday, December 1, 2017

Holiday Gift Idea: CD Desk Calendar by Caroli

Hello there! How are you peeps?! Today I want to share one idea that can make a cute little present for someone you love on this Christmas, a tiny desk calendar.

For making this calendar I recycled a tiny disk case I found in my house, don't know where this came from but it was here and looked cute, so I gave it a chance to shine :)

I cut pieces of white cardstock in the same size as the disk case, and then I decorated them using paper and embellies from Fairy Tales collection, you know, my fave collection on the universe! I'll use it until there is nothing left, LOL!

I decorated each page of the calendar on both sides, thus I optimized the amount of pages. I created a simple cover, printed a calendar from excel and just enjoyed the process.

In the months of birthday of one of the member of my family I used a pic of the birthday girl/boy.

I had a lot of fun using lots of shape sprinkles and doodle pops, they are definitively my favorite kind of embellies from Doodlebug Design.

I only places pages until October because this year I plan to make a special calendar for Christmas Months (november and december).

Here you can see all the pages together, they look ute, don't you think? :)

And if you want to give it an extra detail, you can use some ribbon and put it all together, it looks cute and it makes such a cute gift.

I hope you liked this idea and give it a try, I bet you have some dis cases in your house you can use to create a simple and cute gift for someone this Christmas. Have a lovely day!


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