Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Polar Pals Collection: Memory Journal by Kimberly Lund

Hi Doodlebug fans! I'm here today with a share of how I'm using Doodlebug products in the planner I refer to as my "memory journal." Over the past year, I've fallen in love with using planners to document memories. This year, I'm using three different types of planners in three different ways. Today I'm sharing a horizontal layout planner which I use to write a few sentences of thoughts each night before I go to bed. It serves as a way to put aside all my feelings from the day and go to bed with a clear mind.


I started on this project back in October although it was something that had been brewing in my mind for several months. I used to use an email program to journal each night and I missed it. Somehow my brain put this idea together with a fun, bright kind of art journaling and this is what happened:


I usually start by covering the "headers" of my planner with washi that coordinates with the colors I plan to use.


Next I fill in my daily boxes with bits of patterned paper. I find the 6x6 paper pads great for this becasue the prints have already been sized for a smaller space.


My final steps are using border stickers to cover the daily dividers and then adding tags, stickers and other embellishments until I feel like the spread is complete.



I have most of the decorating done for the week before I ever put pen to paper, but I do try to leave room for one or two photos during the week. Photos are what make my memory journal more than just a journal. I can look back and remember exactly how it looked and felt. For this project, I used the Polar Pals collection. Hope you've enjoyed a peek into my planning process.


  1. This is wonderful Kim! Love your beautiful planner pages! :)

  2. Awe So Cute - it just makes me want to cry - I love it!!

  3. Thank you for detailing your planning process! I'm so very intrigued by this whole memory planner concept. I like that you decorate the pages before you write. Thanks so much for sharing and I really look forward to seeing more as the year progresses! :)

  4. Love love love this -- you've inspired me :)


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