Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Design Team Introduction: Kimberly Lund

What I love about creating with Doodlebug is the use of bright colors and themed products that allow me to be creative in purpose and design. I have been using Doodlebug Design in a horizontal planner that I have purposed as an art/memory journal. When most people think art journal, they think messy but I tend to have a fairly clean and cute style and Doodlebug Design has allowed me to use color and embellishments and still have a journal that is totally me.  The planner community is growing every day and as people join, they are looking for new and exciting ideas for adapting existing products.

Kimberly Lund is a mom of three teenagers/young adults and a teacher of young children with autism. She has been involved in memory keeping for the last 15 years and considers herself a storyteller who uses pictures and color to illustrate her stories. She loves using planners both to stay organized and as a place to tell her stories.


  1. Such a cute journal Kimberly! Can't wait to see all your beautiful creations this year! :)

  2. Gorgeous planner pages Kimberly!! So looking forward to your next projects!


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