Sunday, March 17, 2024

BUNNY HOP EMBELLISHMENTS | with Guest Designer Shara Crane

Hello, its me Shara Crane and I am so happy to be sharing this little embellishment project with you using the new Bunny Hop collection. These can be given as gifts or used on cards, layouts, almost any project.  Follow these steps to create your own mini embellishments.

Step 1. 

Cut your scraps into different banner shape sizes. I size them depending on what size my pop stick is. The pop sticks I used for this project are 4in long and the paperclips are 1in. My largest banner piece is 2x3/4in. Each piece you make will be folded in half around the bottom of the paperclip or the stem of the cake pop stick so make sure you keep that in mind. Cut a variety of different lengths and as many as you wish. The paper clips only have one of the 2x3/4 pieces, but the cake pop (page flags) have 3 different sizes.

2. Once you have all your pieces cut fold each on in half on a diagonal. This gives the effect of the banner blowing in the wind. After you make your fold, if you are sewing now is the time to do so. I sew the top of the front part of the banner and the top of the folded “back” of the banner so each part of the paper that is showing has the “top” sewing marks showing.

3. Once you decide where you want to place each piece it’s time to glue them to the cake pop stick (for the paperclip you slide one end through the largest part of the paper clip until the paperclip is touching the fold mark). This is also where you want to add your dimension tape. Make sure you add the tape in a spot that you won’t see it and in between the paper. I usually add it to one side, add my hot glue to the middle of the fold, place the pop stick in the fold where the glue is then close the banner around the stick and onto the dimension tape.

4. As always this is to me the best part. Time to decorate. Use all goodies from the Bunny Hop collection. Decorate as much or as little as you wish. I like lots of layers and different textures so I try to add a little it of everything. One you are done these make PERFECT gifts for your crafty friends or you can use them yourself and add them to any thing you wish to make you smile even more.

I hope you've enjoyed my project today! Xoxoxo, 


Bunny Hop Collection


Cake pop sticks
Pom pom
Dimension tape
Paper clips
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Sewing Machine (*Not required but I LOVE my sewing machine and use it on every paper project I make. It’s mymost used crafty item for sure!!)

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