Thursday, September 6, 2018

Live Loudly Layout | with Virginia

If you fell in love with the So Punny collection, get ready to fall big time again with So Much Pun because there is an abundance of clever humour over tacos, hedgehogs, dinosaurs, french fries, space ships etc. There is a large range of themes and it's definitely worth checking out!
I was inspired by the 'feel better' part of this collection. When I saw the 12x12 band-aid paper I rewound my memory bank to the bandaid commercial tune 'I am stuck on bandaids cuz bandaids stuck on me'!  I cut the band-aid strips out and created a lattice weave background on my page.

I love the little smiles on the band-aids, if you are going to scrapbook some icky, not feeling so good times, every little bit of light hearted humour helps!

My page is about this little munchkin going into the hospital to get his ear tubes put it.  He was a brave little boy and is now happy to hear better and say good-bye to painful ear infections.

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  1. Those bandaid strips are awesome!!! And I love his sweet smile!


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