Thursday, August 30, 2018

So Much Pun - Pocket Tissue Holder | with Karen

I know you don't want to think about it yet, but it is only a matter of time before cold and flu season is upon us. In fact, parts of the world, it already is! So it is never too early or too late to be prepared. And yes, you guessed it - Doodlebug is here to help with the new and adorable So Much Pun collection.  If it doesn't cure you with smiles, laughter and cuteness, it can certainly help make managing a running nose a little more bearable!
This little pocket tissue holder is a breeze to create. It simply wraps around one of the small, pocket-sized tissue packages that easily slides in and out.
The Pill Better Doodlepop was the inspiration for this whole project. I mean, how cute is this Doodlepop (so cute that I almost didn't want to use him! I tend to hoard...I mean "collect" my Doodlepops)?!! The dimension and highlighting on him is spot on, but those cute eyes are just the best! I also teamed up the Doodlepop with a couple of cute sentiments from the Chit Chat pack. The Chit Chat packs are really a card-makers dream! This particular collection covers any and every occasion you can imagine, and even a few cute die cuts like hearts that help fill up those spaces that need a little extra "something".
As always, I added one of the darling mini paper clips and a mini doily; for texture. And while there is only a little bit peeking out from behind the Doodlepop and sentiments, the Pill Better patterned paper is as cute as it gets! So grab your Petite Prints and So Much Pun paper and get crafting! Your nose, or someone else's, will thank you for it!
Thanks for stopping by! Hugs,
p.s. - If you are a Cricut user and are interested in the cut file I created for the base, click here.
For all the cute embellishments, go shopping!  


  1. I absolutely love Doodlebug! This is the cutest design. I hoard my Doodlepops too! Your pin is pre-covid, yet the idea is still relevant since Doodlebug colors always match. Thanks for sharing!


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