Thursday, August 2, 2018

Cute Camera Cards using Cut Files | with Karen

I have a confession to make. I really love my camera. I know, I know...people often say that I need to get out from behind my camera and experience things in real time. But the truth is that I love my camera and I love that it comes with me almost wherever I go. And quite frankly, I have no intention of changing that! So, when the new Hello collection came out, I was smitten! Cameras, cameras everywhere! On the papers. On the icon sticker sheets and Shape Sprinkles. In the Odds and Ends set and Doodlepops. And yes, in the cut files! So it was only a matter of time before I celebrated my camera in a card set I call "I love my Camera" (I know - it's very original)! Because, come cute are these different camera cut files! And yes, it safe to say that over the years I have had a camera that has looked like every single one of these files (just not in these adorable Doodlebug colours)! For each of these files I used a combination of textured cardstock, petite prints and some of the prints right from the Hello collection - like the adorable bow print on the camera I call "Smile Sunshine!" And while I kept most of the designs as they came, I did embellish a few with a hand written sentiment... ...a tiny (and adorable); Shape Sprinkle... ...and even some Glitter Sprinkles to add a bit of dimension and light on "glass" areas... ...and for buttons! And while I have been trying to keep my cards a little flatter recently to help with shipping them, a few foam adhesive squares behind the lenses give a bit of dimension that I quite like! And in case you are wondering, although I am usually pretty lazy with the inside of my cards, I did have some fun with these ones adding a few icon stickers for a bit of colour. that I see them all together like this, I think they would make a super cute banner. And maybe some treat containers. And even the base for a layout... Yup - I love my camera and these cute files just as much!
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  1. Where can I find the adorable camera cut files???

    kastenc at sbcglobal dot com

    1. You can find them over in the Lori Whitlock SVG file store or over on the Silhouette designstore!


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