Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sweet Summer | Fun Card Trio with Karen

Hello Summer! It's me! I was wondering if after all these months you like to know, to grow things, and stuff. They say the sun's supposed to heal ya, and I am ready for healing!!!
Okay, now that I am done with my little musical interlude, I am ready to welcome summer back with a cute new collection from Doodlebug called "Sweet Summer" (fitting, don't you think?)! This collection is filled with everything that is fun about summer - even the summers of my past! As a teacher and a mom summer marks the end of my year, so it is usually filled with thank-you cards and gifts galore! I thought it might be fun to see how I could use this collection to thank some of the special teachers that I have been able to work with this year, either as colleagues or as those that put up with my kids for the last 10 months! But not just any card was going to do! In fact, for these special people, only cards adorning my favorite character was going to suffice. Let me introduce you to Steven...Steven Sea-gull (isn't Doodlebug clever?)!
I first saw this cute guy at the Doodlebug booth for the Creativation show and I couldn't wait to craft up a project with him! So I went back to one of my tried and true card styles - the side step card! I love that this card allows me to feature an image or a sentiment, but also create a bit of a scene. Steven really wanted to be at the beach, so I kindly obliged! You will find these little versions of Steven in the Odds and Ends packs - the perfect embellishments for you card makers out there! And don't forget to give Steven a little voice for himself by adding a cute sentiment from the Chit Chat pack! And if the idea of a side-step card is a bit much for you, you can actually create a similar look on a regular A2 card as well simply by placing the majority of your embellishments on one side! Layer them on top of some cute mini doilies, add a few mini paperclips and Sprinkles and you are all done! Teacher thank-you cards checked off the list! Summer, I am so glad to see you coming just around the corner! In the meantime, I will have all sorts of fun with this great new collection! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What fun cards!! I’m sure they will be sooo appreciated!


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