Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Garden Collection: Card Set by Courtney Lee

April Fools! Except... I'm not fooling anyone with these sweet super springy cards!!! This is Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts with some thank you cards using the new Spring Garden collection! 

The first thing I was instantly inspired by were the flowers. I knew I wanted to do a flower cluster. I didn't have a plan for this card at all. I started with the die cut orange flower on the left and worked towards the right not pressing anything down too firmly so I could lift and tuck new pieces as I went. 

I knew I wanted to get that adorable ladybug in, the shaped sprinkle flowers and definitely at least one of those awesome matte sprinkles. I finished it off with doodlebug's pre-done thank you stickers. Easy peasy. 

This one was a full concept. I thought about putting the teensy type letters in the middle of the flowers and spelled out the "thanks" using the icon stickers. I popped them all up and then the leaves and the ladybug were an afterthought but are my favorite additions! 

You wouldn't believe how many times I moved around that sweet ladybug before finally deciding on her placement! :) 

I loved all the fancy frills that came with this collection and wanted to show them off. They don't look straight in this picture but that is camera angle I promise. They are straight in real life! eek! haha. 

I just wanted to get you a close up of these scrumptious glossy sprinkle shaped ladybugs. You can see how in love with them I was! :) I popped some of the tulips to help create the border and got some of the sweet roll sunshine sticker icons in there too. :) 

This gorgeous wreath is nestled in the 4x4 squares on the back of the garden flowers patterned paper. I hand cut around the wreath and then started building some extras onto it. I have to say how in love with those blue birds I am. Wait until you see them on my planner! :) The spring flower enamel shapes are really the stunner of this wreath though. The spring flower sweet roll stickers are tucked behind the top right and bottom left of the wreath as well. 

Here they all are again. :) 

And just in case you wanted to see them lined up, here they are. I hope this inspires you to make some springy happy cards using this fabulous fabulous collection!!! 

doodlebug: spring garden: spring garden (5090)
doodlebug: spring garden: icons (5140)
doodlebug: spring garden: fancy frills (5141)
doodlebug: spring garden: this and that (5147)
doodlebug: spring garden: garden flowers (5125)
doodlebug: spring garden: shape sprinkles: tiny flowers (4950)
doodlebug: spring garden: shape sprinkles: ladybugs (4951)
doodlebug: spring garden: matte sprinkles: bright assortment (4947)
doodlebug: spring garden: birdies sweet rolls mini icon stickers (5154)
doodlebug: spring garden: sunshine sweet rolls mini icon stickers (5155)
doodlebug: doodles: thank you: multicolor (3131)
doodlebug: cardstock: lily white: (3402)
doodlebug: teensy type: lily white (3435)


  1. These cards are all so
    bright and fun and lovely!
    Carla from Utah

  2. LOVE these! All the layers and texture are awesome and I love the way the colors pop with the white backgrounds! :)

  3. Love these! The cards are so springy and cheery! I love the added dimension! Thank you for sharing such talent!

  4. What a bright and cheerful set of cards! You've got me bumping the birdies and sunshine sweet rolls to the top of my wish list. How cute are they!?!


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