Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Swiss Dots Challenge: Creative Cards by Courtney

Hi my doodlebug friends! Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here! My best friend is re-doing her bathroom. She is a single mom of two, a doctor in the air force and now some kind of construction/woodworking aficionado and I am SO proud of her! So I wanted to make a card for her when she finished construction on her bathroom. :) Don't ever forget that you can send cards for quirky reasons too! :) 

So... I am a rub-on newbee but I love doodlebug's rub ons! They made it so super fun for me to make this card and to create any phrase I wanted to! I started at the end and worked my way backwards.

I embellished with these super sweet glitter sprinkles! Aren't they cute bubbles!?! They are actually part of the winter collection named "Polar Pals". I thought their sparkly nature made them perfect bubbles! 

Check out that adorable duck!!! Polka-dot galore! 

I finished off my sweet card with a twine bow. She clearly needed a little flair in the tub! :)
doodlebug petite prints: cupcake swiss dots (5052)
doodlebug petite prints: lemon swiss dots (5061)
doodlebug petite prints: mandarin swiss dots (5058)
doodlebug petite prints: bubblegum swiss dots (5053)
doodlebug petite prints: bubble blue swiss dots (5067)
doodlebug cardstock: bon bon (3408)
doodlebug cardstock: cotton candy (3366)
doodlebug cardstock: blueberry (3397)
doodlebug cardstock: lily white (3402)
doodlebug cardstock: bubblegum (3373)
doodlebug glitter sprinkles: winter assortment (4941)
doodlebug candy shoppe: lily white rub-ons (2169)
doodlebug doodle twine: bubblegum (2987)


  1. Your card is darling! I'm sure it will put a huge smile on your best friend's face!

  2. So cute and sweet! Love the rub-ons...I would've never guest that you're a newbie.

  3. I just love this little card... so darn cute!

  4. This is the cutest card! Love, love, love it!!! :)


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