Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Garden Collection: Bright Colored Spring Planner Pages by Kimberly

Hi Doodlebug friends! Aren't you loving Spring? I seriously can't stop using the Spring Garden collection from Doodlebug. It's just so bright and happy. Full of love for it. My main project is my memory journal, which is where I jot down a few sentences everey night as a way to remember my day.
A look at just the layout:


I love it (except for that pale pink pen I used... ack). I try to include a photo or meme or something every week in my memory journal. This week I was lucky because my principal took a photo of me teaching and included it in our staff newsletter. I never get photos of myself teaching (because I'm usually the one taking photos) and I knew when I saw it I was going to have to print it.

And here are some details of all the adorable Doodlebug products I used on this project:






I was having so much fun with this collection I also used it in my scrappy planner to document a week in February.


That moped is just so adorable! Have a great week everyone! Kim


  1. So sweet Kimberly! Love your idea of a planner to keep some day to day journaling. :)

  2. Where did you get the planner? I love it!


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