Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bunnyville Collection: 3D Bunny House with Courtney

It's Courtney from Court's Crafts here to make your day a little hoppier! :) How cute is the bunnyville collection!?! adorbs. 

I wanted to do something 3D with this collection for my girls to really wonder at and play with. I think little details are what makes that happen. Do you see the jelly bean enamel sprinkles around the door? 

There are also these ridiculously cute bunny enamel sprinkle shapes with this collection. I decided to have one peek through the window. And why shouldn't there be Easter eggs in the carrot garden? :) 

This is actually a box! I know my girls will love hiding things inside. 

Thank you for hanging out with my bunny friends and I today! I hope you make some of your own home decor for this Easter! I'm planning on making a few more houses to have a little "village". :) 

doodlebug: bunnyville: happy easter (5100)
doodlebug: bunnyville: bunny and co. (5097)
doodlebug: bunnyville: bunnyville (5102)
doodlebug: bunnyville: rainbow jellies (5101)
doodlebug: bunnyville: easter bunnies (5099)
doodlebug cardstock: blue bird (3396)
doodlebug cardstock: lily white (3402)
Cotton Tail Village SVG Kit


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