Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Washi Tape Week: Triple Layout Inspiration


At the Park Layout
by Melinda Spinks

Designer's Notes: Washi Tape and I have a handshake agreement... it sits still and looks pretty on my display and I leave it in peace, untouched! Don't get me wrong, I love washi tape, but I love looking at it more and have a hard time convincing myself that it needs to be used. So when we were challenged to 'use' our washi tape in a creative way I decided it was time to break with tradition and really 'let go' and start unrolling those gorgeous tapes.

I laid a bed of washi tape down the page to create the background for the little scene and then hand-stitched the finer details over the top of the tape.

Supplies: Doodlebug Washi Tapes, Classic Collection Cut-outs, Lilywhite Doodlebug Cardstock, Lilywhite Fancy Frills, Lilywhite Chunky Brads, Hello Spring Shaped Brads, Lilywhite Hopscotch Alphas, Lilywhite Fancy Frills, Candy Shoppe Mini Rub-ons.

Rainbow Brite
by Jodi Wilton

Designer's Note: I wanted to create an entire layout using primarily washi tape! This is so easy to do with the fun and bright colors that Doodlebug has! Some techniques I used:
  • To create the Rainbow, I used my die cut machine to cut out a rainbow on white cardstock. I then wrapped each section of the rainbow with a different color.
  • I cut small banners of various lengths in the same rainbow colors and added them to the top and bottom of my layout.
  • I used the red polka dot tape to create a border on both sides of the layout. To do this, I added the tape to white cardstock, and then used my border punch on the taped cardstock.

Some other ideas to note:
  • I added twine in the same rainbow of colors.
  • I added the same button colors on top of the banners.
  • I added some Doodlebug flocking and pearls to give the clouds some added texture. 

by Stephanie Buice

Stephanie used the washi tape to make a grid background.

Supplies: Washi Tape, Boutique Buttons, DB Stamps, Boys only collection, Headlines Cardstock Stickers, Teensy Type

by Melinda Spinks


  1. Awesome job ladies! I love seeing all the different ways to use the washi tape!

  2. I am so impressed and I am loving seeing the many things washi tape can do!! Thanks for the share!

  3. Great ideas and beautiful work!

  4. Such clever and amazing layouts! You girls rocked the washi tape! :)

  5. Great projects girls! Melinda that stitching is amazing! And Jodi, I love how you used the wash tape for the banner across the top and bottom -- looks great! Stephanie, I would never have thought about using the tape to make a grid -- what a fun background! Love them all!

  6. wow wow wow Melinda and Steph, you both rocked the washi and your LOs...Melinda, your stitching is GORGEOUS and Steph has the handsomest boy ever :)


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