Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Red, White & Blue Kids Crafts

As Independence Day fast approaches, we hope that these quick and simple kid craft ideas will inspire you to create some cute decor items for the holiday celebrations!

Toilet Paper Rockets
by Kathy Martin

Designer Note: With some cute paper and toilet paper rolls you can create these fun paper rockets with your little people.



Wooden Train Set
by Stephanie Buice

Design Notes: So, we were shopping and my little boy saw these trains at Hobby Lobby and wanted one so I decided that we could cover these together.

Instructions: Find a cute wooden object that you can cover with Doodlebug patterned paper (we chose trains, but bird houses could be cute as well). Lay the train down flat on it's side and to include your children in this craft let them trace around the object in pencil to make a pattern of the train. Then you or your child can cut out the image and use it as a template to cut your patterned paper. Once you have your pieces cut you can apply them to the train. I used spray adhesive but you could use anything you would like. Finally we tied some Doodletwine around the smoke stack for decoration. Done easy as that!
Supplies: Stars and Stripes collection, Doodletwine

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