Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Holiday Bottle Tag

by Ro Philippsen
It is already time to prepare Christmas gifts for family and friends, and nothing more sweet than fabricate custom souvenirs. Today I'll show you how to make a beautiful tag that you can do to keep a bottle of wine or other beverage.

1 – You will need two strips of paper measuring:

2 - Rounding the corners of one end of two strips.

3 - They should look like.

4 - With a circular punch, stick one end of the two strips.

5 - And cut the other end in "V", and you have two equal strips the image below.

6 - Glue the smaller strip on the biggest.

7 - And fold as the image below, about 3 inches.

8 – And now you need just embellish it.


  1. This is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing! Love it!

  2. Awesome idea!!! I can never get enough of fab Doodlebug papers:) I can't wait to make some of these bottle tags for neighbour & friend gifts!

  3. Wonderful dimension! Beautiful wine tag :)

  4. These r always fun n well received

  5. It is a great idea. I’m going to try this; it is not difficult to do. I should buy wine bottles for my friends and family so I can tag like this.


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