Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Printer Tray by Sherry

Do you decorate your home for each holiday? Do you decorate for Halloween? I will admit that I am not a big Halloween decorator. This year, though, i will turn it around. I purchased some doodads for the front porch and made a sweet little shadow box for the inside.

To start things, I used a purchased shadow box that I purchased a couple years back from the dollar store. It has seen many facelifts during those years, but mostly a fresh coat of paint. It has also been home to coins, embellishments, buttons, beads, hairbows and any other little thing my daughter could fit in the squares.

The first thing I did was give it a fresh coat of black [it was turquoise].

Then, I mapped out my plan for this sweet box. I drew a quick sketch, knowing that I wanted something on top and in each cubby. I also used the new haunted manor collection of papers, cutting them slightly smaller than the two square inch boxes. I moved the squares around until I liked the composition of colors.

Now, let the fun begin! 
Each of those squares serves as a blank canvas to which I would decorate using Doodlebug’s cute Halloween goodies --- icons stickers, mini doodle-pops, die cuts, party banner alphabets and more! I like that the haunted manor is filled with the traditional holiday icons ---- pumpkins, skulls, ghosts, bats, fences ---- without them being too spooky or scary.

I wanted to dress up this little owl, but kept in mind that he would be freestanding so he couldn’t be too heavy. I added a wiggle eye and a black jewel. Perfect dimension.

 Here’s a quick recap of the squares shown in this photo: 
  • I cut OCT 31 from the ----------- paper. I coated the numbers with Glossy Accents and sprinkled with glitter.
  • I cut the prongs off the spidies braddies [jewel brads] and attached with dimensional glue dot. Then, I added a mini doodle-pop spider, decorated with black jewels, on the front.
  • I made the fence free standing by creasing about 1/8” up from the bottom, attaching it the bottom of the square.
  • The middle square sentiment was created by cutting up a die cut label. I pinked the ends and attached to square with glue dot. The purple owl is perched atop the sentiment.
  • Ghost sticker attached with foam tape.
  • Skull sticker attached to die cut tag. Eyes are star sticker and black jewel. 
  • The bat was cut from a sticker. I used layers of foam tape to make him more dimensional and hang him from an angle within that square.

The top was created by using the tree sticker and the green owl I embellished at the beginning. I added leaf and star stickers. To make the hanger, I simply cut a foot of black wire and wrapped around a round marker, adding beads when I wanted them. Remove wire from marker and stretch, bend and twist until desired shape is achieved.

To complete this piece, I added some black wire to the bottom, too, with a spider hanging from it. The spider was covered with glossy accents and glitter to add some sparkle. The BOO banner draped across the shadowbox finally settles to the bottom with a spider sticker and a sweet Halloween greeting [from the monster mania collection].  

Are you going to crafty up a happy scrappy Halloween?   


haunted manor collection | frames , icon and party banner cardstock stickers; going batty, cob webs, night owls, spooky type, spook-a-dot, gallery of ghouls and tombstones patterned double-sided cardstock; haunted manor cute cuts; spooky town mini jewels; Halloween mini pearls; Halloween jewels; spidies and wise guys mini-pops; spidies braddies; and doodle twine


  1. So darn stinkin' cute!! LOVE what you did with the tray - I've wanted to do one for quite some time so thanks for the inspiration!! xx

  2. Very Funny!!! Thank you for the tutorial!!

  3. This is wonderful!!! I think I have one of those roaming around :) May have to send it your way to fix up for me :)

  4. Adorable! Love the whimsy that the wood beads with the wire add to the top and the darling spider hanging from the baker's twine at the bottom! :)

  5. Fabulous wall hanging. Great job!

  6. Absolutely love this Sherry! So dang cute. Fantastic job.

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  8. Gosh this is just adorable! I stopped by to share that I just finished decorating a printer's try and I used Haunted Manor. I wanted to invite you to stop by if you'd like to take a peek:

    Thanks for the great products that always make me smile!

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  10. That one is really awesome Halloween set.

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