Thursday, October 4, 2012

Framed Birthday Countdown by Stephanie

by Stephanie Buice

Simply pop your Cute Cuts apart and create little cards with the countdown days on them for a quick and easy project. Then pull it out before each special birthday and let the birthday girl or boy help change the numbered cards each day!!

Supply List: Double Sided Cardstock(Cake and Ice Cream, hello Spring), Icons Cardstock Stickers (Cake and Ice Cream), Cute Cuts (Cake and Ice Cream), Teensy Type, Cardstock Stickers (Jack &Jill), Doodle Twine (Bubblegum), Jewels (christmas assortment)


  1. Such a cute idea, Stephanie! And super pretty too :)

  2. Such a darling idea! My kids would love this! :)

  3. Cute idea for birthday. Kids will love it.

  4. Aah how precious is this project, love it

  5. Stephanie this is the sweetest project and such a fun idea for the kids. Love it!

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