Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Snips & Snails Inspiration from our DT

Sorry that this post was blank earlier in the day...Blogger is on vacation this week for some reason!!

Sweet Baby Boy
by Ro Philippsen

Supply List: double side cardstock -pat a cake, nighty night, snips & snails, cheery o's, hangin'out (baby boy), 6x6 paper pad, cute cuts-cardstock die cuts, banner cardstock stickers, icons cardstock stickers, fancy frills cardstock stickers, star brads baboy stars, mini pearls baby bou assortment, boutique buttons, doodle twine, Jack&jill alphabet rub-ons.

by Wendy Sue Anderson

Supply List: snips & snails cute cuts; snips & snails icons cardstock stickers; snips & snails fancy frills cardstock stickers; snips & snails banner cardstock stickers; jack & jill alphabet rub ons (bon bon); mini pearls (baby boy assortment); boutique buttons (baby boy); doodle twine (limeade, bumblebee, swimming pool); snips & snails snips & snails; snips & snails twinkle twinkle; snips & snails rubber duckies; snips & snails monkey business

Baby Boy & It's a Boy Cardsby Jing-Jing Nickel
Supply List: Create-a -card A2 polka dot assortment, and Snails: 6x6 paper pad, cute cuts, doodle twine: boy assortment, star brads: boy stars, mini pearls: baby boy assortment

Supply List: Create-a-card A6 paisley assortment, Snips and Snails: 6x6 paper pad, fancy frills cardstock stickers, cute cuts, doodle twine: boy assortment, doodles cardstock stickers: it's a boy - lily white

You're Never Fully Dressed
by Aphra Bolyer

Even though my sons aren't exactly babies any more, I still loved this line for creating a scrapbook page about them. I was inspired by the overalls sticker and the plaid paper, which made me think of these pictures of my cuties all dressed up for Easter last year. Thanks to all the fun stickers, die cuts, buttons and pearls -- this layout came together so easily!

Supply List: Snips & Snails Rubber Ducks Paper; Snips & Snails Little Boy Blue Paper; Snips & Snails Pat A Cake Paper; Snips & Snails Icons; Snips & Snails Cute Cuts; Snips & Snails Fancy Frills; Snips & Snails Party Banner; Baby Boy Boutique Buttons; Baby Boy Mini Pearls; Jack & Jill Brown Alphabet Rub Ons; Baby Boy Doodletwine.


  1. Uh, Wow!!!!!!!!! with mouth dropping! These are all fabulous!! Love them all!

  2. Sweet Baby Boy is stunning, best LO I've seen for a long time!

  3. Super cute line and fabulous inspiration ladies!!!

  4. What font did you use for 'it's a boy?


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