Friday, July 5, 2024


Hope y'all had a great July 4th crafty crew and had a great time with family, friends and festive foods! A favorite time of year for sure! Remember to bookmark today's project for next year or you can also amend the theme for any fun occasion - Doodlebug decor rosettes! Let's check these out :-) And, you guessed it! There's a fun video showcasing these at the end of this post!

This is where 12x12" paper comes in super handy as I usually create embellishments with the 6x6" paper pad because of the smaller scale, but with 12" patterned papers you get the length for rosettes! I've used several of the collections papers! You can use any you choose. They're all as sweet as each other. Simply start with a 1.5" x 11" strip and score the whole piece at quarter of an inch intervals along the strip. Then fold back and forth. Next glue one and adhere to the other end. Press down, hot glue against a piece of cardstock and hey presto! A rosette, ready to decorate!

Each of these rosettes are made from a length of 12" paper and for the width, you can choose! Remember, the smaller the width, the smaller your rosette. These are made with widths from half an inch right up to two inches. Layering them gives them more depth and more room to decorate! My favorite thing for sure!

Each of these rosettes have been decorated with the icon stickers, sprinkles, paper and foam dots! Each of them hold their own appeal. How cute to make these and turn them into buttons to wear or put onto gifts or cards! Endless possibilities to be had friends ;-) What will you choose? BONUS Watch: Doodlebug - Decor Rosettes

Thank you crafty crew for cruising by today! I hope I gave you a crafty hit of inspiration! Don't forget to tag us in on your socials - we're looking forward to seeing your next Doodlebug Design project! Until next time; doodle dee!


Hometown USA collection



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