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Hello, Crafty Friends! I'm excited to share with you a Pennant-shaped mini album using Hometown USA. Creating this album was a blast! The front and back cover feature Land that I Love and silver ball shakers. One of the great things about mini albums is that they can be crafted in any shape or size. What I especially love about this one is that it can be expanded to accommodate more photos from your July parties if you'd like, thanks to the rings.

Let's get started! I began by cutting out two pennant shapes from the I Heart America paper, with each shape measuring 5.55 by 6.47 inches. Then, using the Festive Fireworks Acetate, I carefully cut out corresponding shapes and proceeded to stitch three of the sides, making sure to leave the top open to add the shakers. Finally, I closed the open side using my sewing machine. If you don't have a sewing machine, you have the option to use double-sided tape or hand stitching as an alternative method.

I chose both patterned and cardstock papers for the inner pages of my project (5.55 by 6.47 inches.). After selecting the papers, I utilized my Cricut machine to cut two pages from each.  To enhance the visual appeal of the pages and accommodate my photos, I incorporated photo mats made from coordinating cardstock and patterned paper. Additionally, for two of the pages, I included a trifold page layout to accommodate more photos and add depth to the design.

When working with the photo mats, ensure that they measure 3.75" by 4.25" to accommodate your 3x4 photos. For the trifold photo mats, you will require a coordinating cardstock that measures 12" by 4.25". Score the cardstock on the longest side at 4" and 8", then fold the flap on top. To keep them closed, you have the option to add ribbons or magnets.

To complete the album I added stickers, Chit Chats, and other decorative elements. Right now, it's pretty minimal, but I'll be adding more after I've included the photos. I can't wait to see the one-of-a-kind album you'll craft using Hometown USA. Thank you for stopping by! Xo Conny


Hometown USA Collection
Festive Fireworks Acetate
Land that I Love Shakers
Silver Ball Shakers
Hometown USA coordinating Textured Cardstock


Sewing Machine
Foam Adhesive

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