Thursday, December 21, 2023


I know a lot of people LOVE making cards... I have to say, I'm not really one of those people... For me it has always been more fun to create mini albums and layouts. But, once in a while, I have a fun idea for a card and I really enjoy making it. So for this project, I created two cards with big sentiments using the Gingerbread Kisses collection.

I love making layouts with super big letters, so for these cards, I used that technique, where I hand-cut letters out of patterned papers, without pre-drawing them... I just go for it :)

I cut out the letters, for the words Jolly and Merry (for the sentiments "Holly Jolly" and "Merry Christmas"), from the patterned papers of the 6x6 paper pad. Then I adhered them to a 4 1/2 inch strip using foam tape and then cut off the excess piece of the strip.

I added that piece of paper to a card base I created from patterned paper, making it slightly bigger than the strip with the letters, so that a border would peek out from all of the sides.

To make everything stand out more from the paper behind it (because there are a lot of layered patterns...), I traced black scribbly borders around the letters, the strip and the base.

I then took the puffy stickers (which are a newer product I love!!!) and added them here and there on top of the letters. I also added some gold sprinkles from the Hello Again collection.

To finish the sentiment, I added Alphabet Soup stickers in Gold to the card. I hope you enjoy the holidays,  or just this cozy wintertime.  See you in the new year!


Gingerbread Kisses Collection

Gold Assortment Sprinkles
Alphabet Soup stickers in Gold

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